There are no Words-Under Construction
with Michelle Hamer
Melbourne Now Public Programs, National Gallery of Victoria, Vic 2014

  video still - test timelapse 2

As an exhibiting artist in Melbourne Now at the NGV, Michelle Hamer was invited to host an event in the Community Hall. This presented an exciting opportunity to work with the public and test out some ideas for There are no Words

Over 2 days in January and February 2014 participants could stitch around text on flash cards that were not yet complete and they could also to create statements using the cards with this process captured through time-lapse photography.

you can view a video that captures some of what happened on both days here


Eadweard's Cockatoo
Linden Postcard show, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Vic, 2013

cross stitch,  20mm x 18mm

A small homage to Muybridge, an opportunity to dissect a photograph tone by tone and put it back together.


Sentinel Axis
ProjectorT, Northcote Town Hall, Vic, 2012

installation view, single channel video projection onto Northcote Town Hall

I wanted to see what would be revealed if I paid close attention to this small overlooked corner of my neighbourhood, so set myself the task of observing it closely over the course of a year. When focusing on the local environment, we have the opportunity to open up consideration of bigger universal experiences such as the movement of the planet around the sun and questions about the nature of time.

During the year of shooting my regular presence drew attention to the beautiful tree and the unrealised potential of this vacant lot. Transition Darebin became interested in the location and in 2010 they organised several working bees, which resulted in a garden being planted. Now when you pass the site you will regularly see people sitting enjoying the shade of the tree and what was once an abandoned lot has become a communal space for locals to use and enjoy.

The ongoing legacy of this change in community engagement with the site is an important part of the project for me, I am excited to have the opportunity to show the video in a public space so close to the actual site

I kept a weekly blog during the making the work of the work and beyond which reflects these exciting changes.


Dangling Carrots
with Michelle Hamer
Craft Victoria, Vic, 2011

installation view, 2 channel video projection onto woollen stitched screens

Dangling Carrots includs large tapestries by Michelle Hamer, of signage within everyday suburbia, accompanied by smaller tapestries of 'No Road' signage. Taken at different suburban edge locations these signs literally mark edges and raise personal questions of how to proceed when life appears to be a series of challenges. The 'No Road' works indicate both the end and momentary boundaries of Melbourne housing developments.

I produced a series videos which document the 'No Road' tapestries. Every half hour spent stitching has been crafted into a loop that exposes the juxtaposition of manual and digital pixilation within Hamer's practice.

The videos can be viewed here


Earth Abides
with Gaby Yung
Toyota Community Spirit Gallery and Yering Station Sculpture exhibition, Vic 2011

installation view, single channel video projected onto plastic milk bottles

We have produced more plastic in the late decade than in the entire previous century. Time-lapse captures the memory of two meadows, one reclaimed plastic the other grass.

The virtual is projected onto the actual and we see the natural overcome and reclaim the artificial.

"Men go and come, but earth abides." Ecclesiastes 1:4


Mensis Rising
Kodak Salon, CCP, Vic, 2010 and Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Vic, 2009 

  screen stills, Mensis Rising 2

Drawing upon the tradition of early chrono-photographers Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey. My approach was to use the camera as a technical instrument of observation; to devise a process with which to capture motion through time and reveal to the eye what is always there but not easily apparent. The artifact produced from these exercises contains a beauty and mystery that extends beyond cold observation. It reveals something of the essence of what was observed, creating a collision of the familiar with a sense of mystery and awe.

The videos can be viewed here